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WANTED – Artists

Black Diamond Farmers Market has space available for artists and crafters who would like to show off their works of art and sell pieces to the wandering customers.  Rent a space and display your creations.  Show off your talent.  Whatever your art media is, a spot can be rented on a weekly basis.

Art that may be available at the Black Diamond Farmers Market:

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Pottery
  • Woodworking

If your talent is mobile enough you could even set up an “Artist In Action” display, and create your works of art right in your space.  This would create an excellent opportunity to dialogue with potential customers about the way the art is created.

June 3rd is the first day for the Black Diamond Farmers Market in our new location.  We will be located next to the Black Diamond Gym, off of Lawson street, across from the Police Station.

Don’t forget about Rhubarb Fest, June 3rd, the theme for opening day of the Black Diamond Farmers Market.  See ya there, Brock Deady

June 3rd

Opening day of the Black Diamond Farmers Market is just around the corner.  June 3rd marks the grand opening for 2016.  Come and see what the market is all about.  We have started collecting applications for spaces, we have music booked for almost every week and we are even getting demonstrations scheduled for each market day.

Remember the first weeks theme is “Rhubarb Fest” and we will be doing a fun crafty project for those who are interested.  Remember we are also looking for great rhubarb recipes

Are  you ready to start gardening?  According to The Old Farmers Almanac the end of April is a great time to plant the following plants outside:

  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • cauliflower
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • onions
  • peas
  • potatoes
  • radish
  • spinach

QUIZ #1:  According to The Old Farmers Almanac, what vegetable is best planted in mid October?

The Old Farmers Almanac is a great resource for farmers, check out their website,, it is chock full of information.

Soooo, I know what you are saying, how are we going to top the opening day of the market with a theme like “Rhubarb Fest”.  Well I am going to tell ya, cause week number 2 we’ll be boasting the theme of “Flag Day”.  Excitement abounds with these theme driven days at the Black Diamond Farmers Market.

Hope to see ya on opening day at the Black Diamond Farmers Market, Brock.

So you wanna be a Vendor

The Black Diamond Farmers Market is a great place to come to get fresh local products, vegetables, fruits, flowers and even eggs.  There will be arts and crafts to purchase from local artists and music to listen to from local musicians.  There will also be a variety of other booths with prepared food, meats, and even a theme of the week booth.

You can be involved and maybe even make some money by renting a spot for the day.  Come and peddle your products or services at the Black Diamond Farmers Market.

It is easy to do.  Just fill out a Vendor Application form and get ready to be part of the excitement every Friday starting June 3rd from 3:00PM to 7:00PM.

Here are the categories you can sell from:

  • Farm Vendor
    • Produce
    • Plants
    • Processor
    • Flowers
    • Eggs
    • Meat/Fish
  • Arts or Craft
  • Business
  • Prepared Food Vendor
  • Musician/Entertainment
  • Non-Profit Group

So, what are you waiting for? Get your passion together and come down to the Farmers Market for some Friday afternoon Black Diamond community time!

Hope to see ya there.



Fresh, Fun, Friendly


Sunshine today, Sunday, April 3rd.

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Opening day this year for the Black Diamond Farmers Market is Friday June 3 and the theme for opening day is “Rhubarb Fest”.  If you have a great recipe for Rhubarb please please let us know by liking and commenting to us on Facebook.

Here are a couple of facts about rhubarb, that are brought to us by “Seattle Urban Farm Company,” check them out at

  1. It is a Vegetable.
  2. It is an easy plant to grow and does well in almost any climate.
  3. Once it is established a rhubarb plant can last for years without much care.
  4. Harvest rhubarb by grabbing a stalk and pull it from the plant, remove the leaf and you are ready to cook it up.
  5. Rhubarb leaves are poisonous to people and pets, so don’t add them to your vegetable garden compost.

Have a great week and remember to sign up to get your email notification of blog posts from Black Diamond Farmers Market.



Hi Everybody

Coming to you from the “Discover Black Diamond” building in Black Diamond.

My name is Brock Deady; my family and I live in Black Diamond and I will be helping to write this blog about the Black Diamond Farmers Market (BDFM) and its weekly happenings.  This years opening day for the market is June 3rd and the theme for opening day is “Rhubarb Fest“. The Market hours will be 3pm to 7pm, like last year.

Keep an eye on this blog, we will be providing loads of information about the Black Diamond Farmers Market as well as information about gardening, crafts and other great stuff concerning Black Diamond and our surrounding communities.

Keep it simple and fun—that is my goal!  Hopefully the things we discuss here on our blog can help in the exchange of ideas and information.


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